Hello! I'm Sage, the person behind the camera.

My first newspaper bi-line was at age 8. As the daughter of a journalist, I got an early start in photography, snapping away as my mom interviewed.

In high-school and college, I pursued other art mediums and the sciences. After graduating in 2021 with a bachelors in studio art and minors in computer science and psychology, I had my sights set on UX/UI design.

But after graduating, I lived a nomadic life traveling the country and realized that the photography side hustle I began in college, had grown into a small business.

Fast forward a couple years, and today I can say that I have one of the best jobs in the world: capturing the art of people's lives to give them meaningful memories they can hold onto forever.


#1: travel

When I say travel . . . I'm talking about reading on long train rides, cloud-gazing from a plane's window seat and chatting about life with a cross-country road trip partner. Don't get me wrong, I love the destinations too, but there's something special about the space between places, the way time stretches long and wide enough to feel fully present.

#2: hiking

Rock scrambling to a punchbowl waterfall, summiting a craggy mountain, meandering along a river path - there's nothing more grounding than spending time slowly traversing natural spaces. My all-time favorite hike: Eagle Creek to Tunnel Falls in the Columbia River Gorge. If you're an avid hiking too, then let's have an adventurous photoshoot!

#3: podcasts

I listen to a TON of podcasts while editing, so your photos will be enhanced to the sound of stories from The Moth, Hidden Brain, This American Life, TED Radio Hour, Short Wave and How I Built This. Just started listening to a podcast you love? I'm all ears for recommendations!

Ready to reach out?

Visit the contact page or click the button below, I look forward to hearing from you!